Winter Warmers: Comfort food just got a makeover

Winter Warmers: Comfort food just got a makeover
Winter in her icy glory has descended upon us southern hemisphere folk. Her icy fingers brushing a rosy hue onto cheeks and noses, running along the spine of shivering commuters, chilling bones and misting breath.

In times like this nothing feels as luxurious as the small pleasure of a warm bath and a hot meal; in that order.

Fitness Outcomes has you sorted for cold weather meals, all you need now is a bath-bomb and some scented candles.

Fitness Outcomes’ winter warmers - comfort food on steroids.
Prawn and vegetable risotto
The Italians know a lot about comfort food (think pasta, lasagna, pizza etc.) and risotto is the king of the list. Steamy, creamy, it’ll warm you internally.

Grass Fed Beef Chilli Con Carne 
The spice in this one packs some serious heat. Curl up on the couch, cradle a chilli con carne, with a bit of Seinfeld in the background. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect wind down what does?

Grass Fed Beef Meatballs in Napoli with wholemeal pasta
Imagine Napoli sauce pasta with meatballs. But you don’t have to make it yourself and you don’t have to get it delivered from an expensive and health-free restaurant.
Your dreams have just become a reality with our protein rich pasta and meatballs dish. It’s so warm and cosy; full bodied with homemade flavour. The kind of meal you want to sink into a comfy chair with and luxuriate for hours.

Grass Fed Beef Stroganoff with mashed potato and beans 240g
A winter meal like mother used to make. Find a new dimension of home in your own home. Get snug and homey, and if you feel like rounding it all off with a crisp, cut-through refreshment, go for a low carb cold beer. Something about the experience of eating this full, hot meal with a cold beer is too tantalising not to try.

Vegan: Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry on brown rice.
A piping hot, mildly spicy dish to bring the blood back to your face and the warmth back to your frozen wintery soul. A hearty dish, with character for days and a plus: it’s completely vegan!

It’s not impossible to indulge completely in winter comfort food and not lose sight of your goals. 

Remember to watch your macros. Fitness Outcomes, unlike most pre-prepared meals on the shelf beside us, has completely honest nutritionals, because we work with the Food Works Program to ensure everything is spot on.
The winter layer
Your cat isn’t the only one who grows an extra layer of fluff around winter time.
It’s an essential part of keeping our bodies warm, and something we’ve evolved to do. Don’t hate the little bit of extra, work with it. Winter weight loss is difficult, don’t be hard on yourself, just get into the gym and convert it to muscle.